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A proud history of great work

Since 1993, Envirostat’s mission has been to develop the most effective and environmentally friendly odor & insect control solutions for our clients and waste industry professionals nationwide. We specialize in Trash Room Odor Control, Insect Control Products, Trash Chute Cleaning Services and more.


What exactly do we do?

We Remove Odor Without Using Harmful Chemicals. Compactor Odor, Dumpster Odor, Trash Chute Cleaning, Scent Marketing and Insect/Pest Control

Who do we work with?

We work with clients all over the state of Florida and the United states. We help companies, large and small, eliminate their trash problems and their overall solutions for garbage insects and more. Contact us today for more information.

What if my shipment gets lost?

Get more information by simply perusing our site. Learn more about past projects, clients as well as our products.


“We use envirostats products to enhance the cleaning of our clients’ trash chutes and compactors. We have seen many systems for odor & insect control fail miserably. Many are hazardous for employees to be around and are not eco-friendly. EMIST and eliminODOR yield a high impact, yet green complement to our company’s service offering.“ALEX JONES, Canitize USA LLC