Trash Compactor Odor Control

Trash Compactor Odor Control

A compactor that is not odor free and sanitized may give clients or customers an uneasy feeling about your business. That’s not a risk you can afford to take. If you’ve been coping with odor emanating from your trash compactor by removing the trash before its completely filled or scheduling more frequent trips from your trash removal company, you’re wasting employee resources for a temporary fix. Eliminate compactor odor for good with our eMIST odor control system.

Use eliminODOR for Immediate Odor Control

While other companies use masking agents or even bleach to camouflage the trash smell without solving the underlying problem. Switch to our eco-friendly eliminODOR concentrate to eliminate trash odors and the bacteria that cause them once and for all. Improve business morale and customer interactions by removing this persistent problem with a low-maintenance, green solution.

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How eMIST System Works

While our patented green cleaner, eliminODOR, works to eliminate trash odor within seconds, our eMIST Trash Compactor Odor Control System installs in just minutes. To start, simply attach our unique spray nozzle assembly to any style compactor. Next, connect to liquid line to holding tank of eliminODOR. Lastly, attach line to your trash compactor using the secure quick-connect fittings and tubing provided. Once set up, the eliminODOR system emits a 10 second spray of odor removing agent every 15 minutes, 24/7. The eucalyptus scented spray eliminates the trash odor while acting to kill the bacteria that causes the odor. Because the system is automatic, it requires little employee maintenance and will continue to control compactor odor around the clock. Each container of eliminODOR will last for approximately 30 days. At the end of that time period, simply refill your drum with a 32oz bottle of product concentrate and water. The only requirements are 110v power and a water source to fill the tank as needed.

Our product is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, so it won’t cause damage to your trash compactor. You and your staff can feel good about using eliminODOR to safely and responsibly remove trash smell for good!