Orlando Regional Healthcare

Compactor Odor Control
About This Project


# of Systems on site-5
# of Compactors-5



To provide Eco-friendly odor & insect control at waste compactors located on loading deck for the aforementioned Hospitals. The hospital system has strict safety requirement for cleanliness in these spaces for obvious reasons.  Also a big concern was to make sure flying insects were eliminated and stopped from getting into the hospital corridors.

The compactors are located on the loading docks at each hospital. Each have a tremendous amount of  work force foot traffic & high volumes of waste sitting in an open top compactor that sits in the direct sun.

Being located outside and in the sun, Envirostat was challenged to provide a system and products that effectively and safely controls odor in this area. Executive management has been a big proponent of our systems as these area are close to walking routes for hospital personnel.



Envirostats’ eMIST odor control systems have successfully been re-approved for 4 consecutive 3 year agreements with the hospital system