The Solaire

Compactor Odor Control
About This Project


Scenting Installation Date-2012-to present
# of Units-3 (1 Stand alone/2 HVAC systems)

eMIST Installation Date-2011-to prersent
# of Systems-1
# of Compactors-1



As an existing client who already had our eMIST odor control unit installed, we were approached by the onsite manager for scenting. The Solaire is managed by The Continental Management Group. Envirostat is a preferred vendor for TCMG. Creating a welcoming, yet fresh & clean scent was important for Solaire Management and their board of owners. They were interested in scenting the lobby as well as each of the 20 floors of common hallway space. We provided the Solaire with a number of sample scents from our vast scent library.

They ended up choosing the our “Fresh Air” scent. We provided a separate floor machine for scenting the lobby with our signature “Fresh Air Scent”. Upon the successful installation of our lobby system, we were then asked to provide machines and fragrance for a total of 20 floors of residential hallway space.  Due to lack of installation space in the building, we devised a way to install the units on the roof HVAC units.



Envirostats’ scenting system’s and eMIST odor control system provide the Solaire Condominium with a total clean, fresh, and inviting place to reside.