Trash Chute Cleaning

A dirty chute is an unhealthy chute, and if your trash chute smells, it needs attention. Our cleaning systems can be set on timers to automatically clean the chute at the frequency of your choosing or can be manually operated. Our chute cleaning systems workin any size building collection room. Our industry-leading cleaning concentrates are safe and FDA approved for use in food preparation areas. When they are left in the chute or in the collection room, the health-smart, eco-friendly bacteria continue to work at the grime between cleanings. Our patented formulation ensures the best results in the industry. For those in our service areas, we offer full-service trash chute cleaning. Our uniformed, trained specialists are bonded and ready to control the odor in your building. The results are guaranteed! Trash Blaster’s unique, bio-enzymatic action will keep digesting bacteria long after the job is done.

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