Insecticide-Vector Ban Plus



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  • For use in our eMist spray system
  • Vector- Ban Plus naturally controls most pesky insects without harmful chemicals
  • Can be applied with eliminODOR for a safe, non-toxic minimum risk pest solution
  • Pest Infestation Remover which inhibits and removes pests naturally
  • VB Plus is effective for regular use on fruit flies, gnats, ants, box elders, mosquitos, bedbugs, fleas, mites, lice and others
  • The secret to our uniquely reliable performance is that it is a proprietary fortified blend of naturally safe raw materials that speed the biological degradation of the pests it mitigates
  • Combines natural technologies to effectively achieve continuous pest control and management without long-term environmental repercussions
  • Poses little or no risk and is EPA exempt from FIFRA registration requirements as outlined in 40 CFR section 152.25(f)
  • Controls insects without poisons
  • Contains food-grade ingredients
  • Removes contaminants and odors that encourage future infestation
  • Safe for use around people
  • Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool dry area. For best results, use within 12 months. Request a Vector-Ban Plus MSDS for more specific information
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Weight 80 oz
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